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I have worked on a number of projects the last couple of months, mostly for PostPanic, here in Amsterdam.

One project was for (the sponsor of football clubs Real Madrid, and AC Milan). This was a really large project, with a lot of people involved and resulted in a 1m40 promotional film, completely made in 3D, with small bits of live footage comped in. The production involved around
Hopefully I am allowed to show the end result here on the website somewhere soon (there could be copyright/publication issues). If I can't publish it here, then I'll put a link up to where it can be viewed.

KPN Glasvezel
The other project was for KPN Glasvezel (KPN is a telecom company, glasvezel means fibre optics). It hasn't been shown on TV yet here in The Netherlands, because they don't offer the project just yet. This project was also done for Postpanic.
I can show the final product here on the website too, once it is cleared by PostPanic and the agency, and only after it is used on television and print first, of course. You can however see the clip on PostPanic's website by going here.
Stills from clip the are available here in my portfolio.

Over the last year I have also created a number of print stills for Getronics, commisioned by Koeweiden Postma. They were used in booklets, flyers, posters and even their christmas card for 2008.

Currently I am working on a project for Coca Cola Madrid, which started this week and should end in about 10 days. More news on that, when it is finished.

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